The system of Pokéspin is built around the browsers capability to run JavaScript and the server side validation potential. As of yet no release has been made from Pokéspin however the system should run on all major browsers.

Speed and Server IssuesEdit

PokeSpin runs on a number of server types and is built from the ground up. The Speed in the Audit trail was tested to be too slow when moving from a limited temporarily server to a faster bigger server. To counteract this the Development turned to avoiding page loads and had to think about the way the system works in a totally new way.

More information on this will be released when PokeSpin is released.


As of yet the Team are working on the PC version with Mercy of Mew. However other versions have been confirmed that the Team will start working on DSi, Wii, PS3 and PSP versions of the Game however most probably a separate game built for them however this is not confirmed as a definite plan.

All current versions of PokeSpin require an Internet Connection at all times of playing as being MMORPG style games.