The game is equally as difficult unless you already have made a character that has completed the game. In which case you can select Trainer Mode as the difficulty. Trainer Mode (see Difficulty Modes for more information) offers the advantage of receiving one of three Rarer Pokemon.

In this game and others the mode line up is Explorer , Trainer and PokeMaster.

Trainer ModeEdit

In this game and others the mode line up is Explorer , Trainer and PokeMaster . Trainer is the second line. In order to play Trainer one of your characters (Deleted or Kept) must complete the main story line . When you do you are given an Achievement and when creating a new character can select two more locations . These Two locations will start in a higher ranking section. Only players that have completed Explorer Mode can enter the two villages and the Routes to the main routes. Additionally the choice of starter Pokemon is a choice between 3 rare Pokemon one can only receive from Trainer Mode. PokeMaster Mode (next in line) offers only 1 additional starting town however much more exclusive towns.

The main reasons for this mode being harder:

This therefore means you may have to fight in the Training Area before even starting your journey.

  • The Routes aren't Straight forward

With the Routes in Explorer Mode it is quite clear which way is to the Town . However in Trainer Mode you may cross 2 or 3 maps in order to get between towns.

When the route joins on you are left at a Gym that people on Explorer Mode would face much much further down the line meaning you have a choice of Path. This is told to you upon wheather you face the ones the Explorer Mode Character face earlier or later. Their Pokemon line up and the Trainers inside change to Adapt to your Mode.


PokeMaster ModeEdit

If a player has completed Trainer Mode , the Player can make a new character to start PokeMaster Mode. Much like the difference between Explorer and Trainer Mode the PokeMaster Mode is harder still. However this time the difficulty isn't just set in the battles but also in the receiving of Aids. The Map for example isn't given until later on, along with PokeGear and the Pokedex . These aren't considered big items for upping the difficulty however in many cases within the games PokeMaster Mode requires you to cross exclusive towns (Towns neither difficulty before had seen) before arriving at the same passage as the rest of the Players . This offers more of a meaning to play PokeMaster Mode as unquie content including moves with the 3 Rare Pokemon , Items and the advantage of a few Quests that give money when you return to the normal path should give you the edge when returning to the world.

Additionally because there are so many unique locations you also often face more Gym Leaders. If you defeat them and miss the other Gym leaders that Explorer Mode face you can either collect more badges than you need or skip that part of the game. Additionally Gym leaders on the main path adjust to the Mode you are playing and the amount of Badges you have. In other words up to the point of the Last Badge which is fixed all of the Gym's will change the level of the Pokemon so you can not cheat and defeat the previous ones as an easy target.


  • One of Three Rare Pokemon
  • More Property
  • Exclusive Towns and Story Content
  • New Moves
  • Half of the Game played with PokeMaster only zones.